Your Favorite Animals

Different animals to choose from - every one of them soft, colorful, fun, and safe. Hop on your spirit animal and let the adventure begin!


Safe & Easy To Ride

Safe for children ages 6 and up and sturdy enough to carry adults. AniMall Riders are motorized, easy to maneuver, & scoot along at a perfect walking pace.


The Life Of The Party!

AniMall Riders are available! It's always a party, but do you really need an excuse to throw a party when you're a kid?

Animal rides

The Ride Of A Lifetime!

Set off on an adventure into your imagination as you bring your favorite animals of life! These soft, convenient animal riders keep your kids entertained and safely glide along at a walking pace.

but you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy the safari experience! The whole family can join in because AniMall Riders support up to 350 pounds. With such a wide variety of brightly colored animals and characters to choose from, everyone is sure to find their magic at the mall!

Easier Than Putting One Foot In Front Of The Other!

AniMall Riders are simple to drive. Just a couple instructions and you’re rolling(or imaginary galloping!) and you’re set!

Simple One Button Operation

One button and you’re off! At a Walking Speed.

Padded & Soft For Safety

These animal riders are made for maximum comfort with high-quality padding and soft plush body to allow for long-term riding.

Try Them today at Guildford Centre!

Anyone with the heart of a child can ride. Let your imagination take you places.

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